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Who are we & why us? 

   We are a small licensed and insured business company located in Kansas City, MO but are proudly serving clients in Overland Park, Leawood, Lenexa, Northland, The Plaza, Parkville, Ward Parkway, Brookside Plaza, Independence, Lees Summit and much more. We are trustworthy, dedicated and reliable. We are really big on creating great relationships with our clients so communication is key. Our favorite part of the day is knowing that having a clean house is all in our hands, the stress of coming home and having to clean your home is gone when you have our amazing team. 

 We have many years of experience and we have gained the trust of our clients to where they are comfortable with us being in their homes without them being present. We have door keys, alarm codes, and garage codes to multiple homes. When cleaning houses we are in your personal space, it's where you sleep, where you spend time with your family, where you keep important paperwork such as bank statements, credit card information etc. & I can proudly say we've never gotten any complaints about anything going missing in someone’s home. My team is full of honest people. We will always take care of YOU and your needs. Our mission is to provide a great quality service. 

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